Why Direct Mail is Growing?

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Why is direct mail growing? One reason is a higher trust factor. Younger consumers don’t associate direct mail with junk mail the way older consumers do. They’re more likely to attach the junk mail label to email.

Direct mail can be more effective. While direct mail and email marketing campaigns get similar response rates, studies find direct mail campaigns generate purchases four-five times larger than email campaigns. Combining email with direct mail led to the best results of all: purchases six times larger than email alone generated.

Direct mail stands out. Young people get hundreds of emails a day but only a few pieces of actual mail. Sending physical mail is a way to stand out from the crowd.

Direct mail is more shareable. Unlike email that goes to one person, physical mail goes to a household.  Many of key purchase decisions for retail, financial and automotive categories are discussed at home, and direct mail pieces give recipients a reason to talk over the offer.

Direct mail has a longer lifespan. Email has a lifespan of just a few seconds, while direct mail’s average lifespan is 17 days.

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