When you have a letter mailing that you need to get out quickly and at the best possible cost you may want to consider our EDDM-BB service. Our EDDM-BB service has many benefits over standard EDDM mailings as you can see from the list below.


Low Cost mailing solution.

Personalized letter mailings in a #10 envelope. (With EDDM you can not mail letters).

Quick print print and mail. When you are in a rush and need your order printed and mailed urgently.

Print and mail short run orders. (Full service not available for EDDM orders less than 1,000).

Recipient Names printed on mail piece for personalization which can result in better response rates and build your brand relations with the recipients. 60%-70%+ have a name appended.

Mail to carrier routes with less than 200 delivery addresses (over 1.9 million addresses omitted due to this EDDM Retail restriction).

Brochure mailings that are 8.5″ x 11” tri-folded. (With EDDM you can not mail this brochure size).

Accurate counts for some areas including seasonal areas. (With EDDM you will pay print and postage for addresses the USPS cannot deliver to).

Radius pulls accomplished by distance to store or drive time, for multiple and single locations, for a wide range of distances.

Do not mail management issues where opt out procedures have not worked well and negatively impact your brand image.